the end of me

4-Week Church-Wide Emphasis

Begins Sunday, September 17

Each Fall we kick off the new season with an all-church theme. This year we are pleased to announce “the end of me,” by Kyle Idleman.

The end of me is a reference to the call of Christ to die to ourselves and find life in Him (Matt 16:24-25). Four high profile individuals share the true stories of how their success, celebrity, talent and acceptance were worthless, and true happiness only came through Jesus Christ.

4-Week Series
Each week we’ll explore a theme on Sunday morning, and then during the week each LIFE Group will watch the movie and dig deeper.

  • Week 1: You must be broken to be whole
  • Week 2: You must mourn to be happy
  • Week 3: You must be authentic to be accepted
  • Week 4: You must be empty to be filled

You may purchase materials and sign up for a LIFE Group on Sundays at the Welcome Center, or call the church office (858.278.6266).

  • Study Journal ($7). The journal is necessary for anyone who participates in a LIFE Group.
  • Book ($12). The book, by Kyle Idleman, is optional for those who would like to buy it.

To watch Kyle Idleman share his thoughts on the series, click here.